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Do you have a teambuilding weekend planned to Barcelona? And are you looking for a new way to discover Barcelona? A group activity offers a great way to grow as a team. Picking the right activity can be difficult, that is why we have some tips for you!


We play not the win, we play to keep playing!





Why would you want to organize a teambuilding activity? Maybe because you have a young team and the communication is not that great amongst colleagues? Or maybe your team has lost their trust in each other? Or maybe you want to complement your teams work and enhance the ambiance. For whatever reason, you cannot miss out on a great teambuilding activity in Barcelona!

So let’s have a look at the benefits of teambuilding:




– Ensures better communication –

– Ensures mutual trust –

– Contributes to better cooperation –

– Provides a relaxed atmosphere –



Looking at these benefits you automaticly are thinking about your own teambuilding weekend in Barcelona. Did you book the right activity to acomplish these goals, is a bike tour or salsa lesson enough to get all the benefits? Or do you need to do more to get to teambuilding?





A teambuilding weekend in Barcelona means that you are spending a couple of days together. A new environment, different language and culture. This triggers and stimulates your team and create a feeling of excitement and solidarity. From the director to the project managers, from the marketing assistant to the HR manager, everybody is equal because you left the traditional roles at the office. Your team is experiencing and learning new thing about each other and this is great for the team spirit. Besides that, taking them on a trip to Barcelona is also a gesture of appreciation to your team.





Besides discovering a new city and building the mutual bond, a good teambuilding activity should not be missed. Pay attention to the following conditions, because choosing the right activity is important.


An activity must meet the following conditions:

1.A clear goal or purpose

Not only in your work you need a clear goal but also in your activity. A clear goal in your activity enhance the team spirit and brings the group together. For example, learning to dance salsa, or discovering your inner Gaudi with an art workshop. Eating tapas and drinking is nice, but doesn’t really contribute to the teambuilding long term.

2. Clear tasks and roles within the team

A good task distribution within the team is essential. Who does what and who is responsible for what? You are organizing a team event, so it should not feel like work! But you could think of, for example, a treasure hunt or an afternoon sailing.

3. Mutual trust

Trust is very important within a team but sometimes there is a lack of trust amongst team members. An activity can help to regain this trust. Games are a good option for this, you agree on the rules and you stick to them. If a game is played under the right circumstances and guidance, you learn a lot from it. For example a teambuilding session with Xventura!

4. Talent in your team

Bring out the best in each other! Everyone approaches a problem in his or her way, the one is not better than the other but you can see the talents on your team. Use them! An activity that can help you with finding the talents could be an escape room. You will need to complete various challenges. A skilled guide or coach can help to bring out the talents in the group!




Barcelona is full of energy! There are so many activities and sellers from which you can choose. But which activity suits your group the best? We have developed two activities especially for teams or companies:


  1. A super exciting treasure hunt race
  2. A custom made teambuilding session in the park 


TREASURE HUNT: We have developed a unique treasure hunt experience for companies and large groups and we call it an Xpedition, an adventure to discover the city. The Xpedition takes about 2.5 hours and is a game that aims to find the secret location. It is set up so that everyone can participate. The Xpedition contains several different elements, therefore, you will need all the talent on your team to complete the challenges. You have a clear goal; find the secret location! You will have to divide the tasks and use the talents in your group. Cooperation and communication are essential in this.

But what makes our treasure hunt so unique? The game is played without your phone! Yes, you read that right. In an era where we do everything on our phone, we have developed a tour without it. Playing without your phone makes that you disconnect from your day to day and connect with your surroundings and colleagues. You are challenged by the different puzzles and riddles. We will trigger your inner child so you can play outside again.


‘Playing one hour together will learn you more about a person than speaking with them for a year! ’


Custom made barcelona


TEAMBUILDING SESSION: A company event is not complete without a fun and interactive teambuilding session. Because each group is different, we always adapt the games to the wishes of the group. Communication and fun are paramount. We always start with a good icebreaker that is specially designed to loosen the group. Why should you book a team building session with us? Because it is a fun way to increase the team spirit and because it contributes to a better cooperation. Important in teambuilding is that there is mutual trust. And while playing a game together, you build this trust together. Just think about the rules that we all agree on, we trust that everyone will keep to these rules and that everyone will stay until the game is over. Because we learn this playing the game, we will take it with us in daily life.


“Participating is more important than winning, but winning is a good incentive to participate! “





A company outing to Barcelona is different for each group. Maybe you combine it with a seminar or perhaps you are visiting a sporting event in the city. Or maybe there is a trade fair in your field and you have therefore come to Barcelona. You can combine our activities with a delicious lunch or tasty tapas. Or maybe you want to picnic in the park or dine in luxury at an authentic Spanish restaurant. Everything is possible! Take a look at our website. Hopefully, we will see you soon in Barcelona!