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The Detective Game

Find the stolen jewellery!
The Detective treasure hunt is a fun, exciting and amazing activity for families with children and children’s parties. The challenges are suitable for kids but parents will have an amazing time during the hunt as well! The game is specially designed to trigger the creativity and curiosity of each player.

The Detective

Find the stolen jewellery!
The Detective treasure hunt is a fun, exciting and amazing activity for families with children and children’s parties.

During this adventure-driven tour you are turning into real Detectives! A giant jewelry theft took place in Barcelona. The stolen jewellery is hidden somewhere in the city but the police are unable to find the exact hiding place. That is why they need your help; the help of a team of real Detectives! The thieves left you a trail of clues. Can you solve the puzzles and find the stolen jewellery?


The treasure hunt will lead your private group through the neighborhood El Born. Wander over Passeig del Born and admire the beautiful church la Santa Maria del Mar. Walk through narrow streets and cozy squares towards the Arc de Triomf and see how everyday life in Barcelona takes place. Along the way you will discover more about the jewelry theft and the different places you visit. Do you dare to disconnect and go on an adventure with us?!

  • Available 7 days a week.
  • Available in 3 languages EN/ES/NL.
  • Start with 5 up to 20 people.

The price is €22,50 per person. Kids under 6 years old can join for free. The minimum groupsize is 5 people and maximum is 20. You can also join with two families and race each other!


Next to Mercat del Born, on the right side of the main entrance. The address is: Plaça Comercial, 12, 08003 Barcelona. There is a toilet inside the Mercat building and supermarkt on the corner for some water.


The treasure hunt takes maximum 1,5 hours and can be booked 7 days a week. We are open from 10:00 until 22:00. If you want to start at a different time, please send us an email with your details.

Medieval streets
Because it is a treasure hunt, we can’t spoil the exact route. We can tell you that during the game your group is going to enjoy a combination of Barcelona’s amazing highlights and beautiful hidden-gems.
Santa Maria del Mar
Step inside to get blown away by the high ceilings and bright stained glass windows. This church also has something to do with FC Barcelona. Do you want to know what? Book the Detective route to find this out!
Arc de Triomph
The Arc is 30 meters high and you can only go up once a year with 48 hours open Barcelona. If you are in Barcelona during this event, it is worth the wait because the views are amazing!

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