Treasure hunts Barcelona

Where can I find the different treasure hunt routes in Barcelona? : We have several treasure hunts available in Barcelona. Here you find the link for more information: HUNTS

What is the minimum groupsize? : Our minimum is 6 people for The Artist and The Explorer. If you want to join with for example 2 or 3 people, you can but the minimum price is for 6 people. The reason why we have a 6 people minimum is because we believe that our treasure hunt is best enjoyed in a group. Besides that, it is a guided tour with a private game master!

I don’t know which route will be best for me, can you advise? : Yes off course! We will be happy to advise. Just send us an email or fill in the contact form.

I don’t speak Spanish, can I still join? : Yes, off course! We have a international team of game masters and offer the game in 5 different languages. In German and French we have limited availability but will have the written clues in your language! The game masters will do their absolute best to give you the best experience.

From where do we start? : Depending on the route you have choosen, you either start from our main meetingpoint next to Mercat del Born or on Plaza Cataluyna. The meetingpoints of each hunt are listed on the page of the hunt it self: HUNTS

Can I join with my colleagues? : Yes, for sure! Our treasure hunt is an amazing teambuilding activity! Check out all the different types of groups we cater to: GROUPS

Will I be paired with other groups or people? : No, we work exclusively with private groups which means, you will never be paired with people you don’t know.

I don’t know which route I should choose, where can I get advice? : You can always call, text or email us your questions. We even have a chat box in the website to drop your questions. We are happy to help and advice which route would fit your needs and interest.

Payment policy

How can I pay for my booking? : You can pay on the day of the treasure hunt with the guide. If you prefer to make a credit card payment (+fee of 3%) please let us know and we will sort it out.

Can I receive a invoice? : Yes, off course! Just send us the details of your company, and we will draft the invoice.

How can I pay the invoice? : An invoice can be paid via bank transfer or credit card. Keep in mind there is a 3% additional payment fee for credit card payments.

Some of the team are not joining anymore, can we get a refund for the people not joining? : Yes, you can alter or change a reservation (made via the website for groups up to 30 people), up to 24 hours before the hunt. Please let us know via email so we have it in writing and we can issue a refund. Any changes done after the 24 hour cut off, will not effect the price of the activity.

I have to cancel my booking, how can I do that? : We are sad you are not coming! To cancel, just send us an email with the request to cancel and we will sort it out for you. Note, you have up to 24 hours before to cancel of change the number of participants. After that, 100% will be charged.

Can I pay with credit card? : Yes, you can pay with credit card, but keep in mind there is an extra 3% additional charge to process the payment. Let us know if that works for you and we will send you a secure payment link.


What is the weather policy? : We closely monitor weather conditions to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our customers. In case of bad weather, such as heavy rain or storms, it may be necessary to modify or reschedule the tour. We prioritize the safety of our participants and will notify you immediately of any changes. We can then see together whether it is possible for both parties to do the Treasure Hunt at a different time. If the client cannot comply with the new date or time, the activity will be cancelled, and the client will receive an 50% refund.

What if there is rain in on the forecast? : In Barcelona the forecasts are sometimes tricky to read. That is why we also keep an close eye on the weather. It is important to read the forecast one day in advance. This ensures the most accurate. Due to the valley that Barcelona is in, it can predict rain but we will have a lovely sunny day. If we believe, we cannot offer the best experience, we will contact you and see what the possibilities are. (reschedule, delay, or cancel)

What if it rains a little? : We have more than enough umbrella to shelter you from the rain. So in case that we have some rain along the way, we got you!

What if it is too hot? : In the summer months it can get real hot in the city. That is why we recommend to book in the morning or late afternoon. This way, we avoid the heat of mid day and can still enjoy an amazing treasure hunt.