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The Explorer Route

Find the logbook of Columbus

The Explorer route runs through the Gotic quarter and tells the story of Columbus. Christopher Columbus is a world-famous explorer who discovered America in 1492. Columbus is Italian and grew up in Genoa, a small village next to the mediterranean sea. Columbus showed an interest in sailing at a young age and began to sail the mediterranean sea. He learns the trades of sailing, the currents of the sea and the wind and becomes an extrodonairy sailor.

After a couple of years sailing under the Italian flag, Columbus moves to Portugal. In Portugal, he comes up with a revolutionary idea; he thinks he can sail to the west to find India quicker. It takes him 7 years to find funding for his voyages and he sets sail for the first time in 1492. Under the Spanish flag.

The Explorer route will take you to the places in Barcelona that have to do with Columbus and the puzzles are all in style of Columbus his adventures. Each challenge and puzzle designed for the specific location. Along the way, you will find out more about Columbus is life and accomplishments but also about Barcelona.

At Xventura we have developed two types of Xpeditions; The Private and the Versus Xpedition. Here you can find more information about the difference between the two. For both Xpeditions, we work with private groups so you will never be paired with other groups.

Private Xpedition

In the Private Xpedition, your group will explore the city with their personal guide. A trail of clues will lead them to the secret location somewhere in the city. The guide is there every location in the game to hand out the clues and help if needed. Your goal is to find the secret location of Columbus’s travel logbook. Each puzzle and challenge in the game is designed to trigger your curiosity and creativity. Only the best of the best, so we work with high-quality puzzles and amazing guides to make sure you have an amazing experience.

Duration: 2,5 hours

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Versus Xpedition

The Versus Xpedition is a race! Your group will be split into smaller teams. The team that finds the secret location of the travel logbook first, wins the game! The guides are there every location in the game to hand out the clues and challenges. Each team will have its own set of puzzles and materials. All the teams have a different route but they have the same length. For the winner, we have a small price at the end. This Xpedition is great if your group is in for a challenge and likes a bit of competition.

Duration: 2 hours

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We have a minimum group size of 4 people and we have a maximum capacity of 30 on the Explorer route and a maximum capacity of 60 on both routes, the Explorer and the Artist.

The Private Xpedition

Your group will explore the city with their personal guide. A trail of clues will lead them to the secret location somewhere in the city. The guide is there every location in the game to hand out the clues and help if needed.

  • Duration
    The Xpedition takes maximum 2,5 hours.
  • Group size
    From 4 up to 30 people divided into teams of maximum 10 people.
  • Price
    The price is €29,- per person.
The Versus Xpedition

In the Versus we have several options depending on the team size and number of participants. The smaller the group, the more engaged people are. The ideal group size for the Versus Xpedition would be 5/6 people per team.

  • Duration
    The Xpedition takes maximum 2 hours
  • Group size
    From 10 up to 60 people divided into smaller teams
  • Price
    Starting from €25,- * per person.

*We have several options, play with;

  • Teams of 9 or 10 people per guide, €25,- pp.
  • Teams of 7 or 8 people per guide, €30,- pp.
  • Teams of 4 to 6 people per guide, €35,- pp.

The minimum group size for a Versus Xpedition is 10 people. You can form teams of 4 up to 10 people per team.

For example, you are a group of 18 people and you want to play with 6 people per team, you pay €35,- pp. If you want to play with 9 people per team, you pay €25,- pp. The advantage of playing with smaller teams is that everybody is engaged in the game. Each team will have their private guide and set of materials.

Both our routes start from the train station Estacio de Francia. In the corner next to the entrance of the cafeteria, you will find your guide(s). There is a toilet in the station and you can get a bottle of water if necessary.


This is the exact address:

Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, s/n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.


We are open all year round and available 7 days a week from 10:30 to 19:30. If you have a group that wants to start later or earlier, please contact us via email or phone.

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In a treasure hunt, your objective is to find a secret location, so we cannot spoil the exact route. We can tell you that in the Explorer route we have some amazing highlights for you to visit.

Mirador de Colom

View from the mirador de Colon

One of the first locations in the route is the Mirador de Colom. This statue was designed and built by Catalans in 1882. They finished it in 1887 just in time for the World Exhibition in 1888. The statue has an amazing amount of detail to it that you can only see when you get really close. In the column of the statue, there is an elevator that can take you up to the top. From here you have the best view of the harbour, Las Ramblas and the old town.

Plaza Reial

Plaza Reial Barcelona

This square is the Royal square of Barcelona and is an amazing place to visit during those summer evenings. You can find plenty of restaurants, bars and places to dance or you just sit on one of the terraces and be entertained by the street artists. The square is located next to Las Ramblas and has the first works of Gaudi on it. Don’t miss out on seeing these great lanterns on each side of the fountain.

Las Ramblas

Uitzicht over las Ramblas

The most famous street in Barcelona has to be Las Ramblas. On an average summer day, you will find it hard to walk on this beautiful street and it is crowded with tourists and pickpockets. But, if you are in Barcelona in the winter time, early in the morning when the sun just comes up on the bottom of the street shining a beautiful morning glow over the city, you can enjoy a stroll and admire the beauty.


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