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Is your group bigger than 40 people and are you looking for a unique experience? A treasure hunt is a perfect activity for a big group as it is safe, everybody can join and enjoy the city! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that is it simple or for children, we use high-quality puzzles and challenging riddles. So we can guarantee that your group will be talking about it for weeks after!

We will brainstorm with you to find out your needs so we can design a unique game plan. Even though we are experts in outdoor hunts, we have also built a reputation for great indoor games. We can create a challenging and fun hunt in all locations. Think about launching a new product or a new service. Or if your team just wants to enjoy and have fun.

Our custom-made program can be organized in any place in Barcelona or surrounding. Maybe a vineyard where you have a team meeting or an old castle with land surrounding it. Or if you just want to explore the beautiful old city town of Barcelona.

Challenge your clients or colleagues to join this unique experience. Feel free to contact us for more information and check out the video below. Or take a look at our groups page for more information on groups.

Our portfolio

Here some of the hunts we designed

The Hidden Treasure

Fares, Barcelona

The treasure hunt we designed in Fares was amazing. With this location, we led our imagination runs wild. The group was amazing, super enthusiastic and eager to win!

The Missing UEFA CUP

FC Barcelona Camp Nou, Barcelona

One day we got the call, FC Barcelona wants to organise a treasure hunt inside the museum in the Camp Nou stadium. After months of research, we designed the game of the missing UEFA Cup. Do you think you can find it?

Find the King

Montjuic, Barcelona

Find the King was an amazing and very complicated treasure hunt! The group started from their office downtown Poble Nou and had to make their way up the Montjuic in July. Hands down one of the most fun treasure hunts we did! The group was so fast that we needed to run to keep up with them.

Ninja Night Hunt

City center, Barcelona

Together with Rockstarlifestyle we organized this unique treasure hunt. As a group of real Ninja’s they ran through the city solving the puzzles and trying to find the secret location first. Guess which team won?!

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