The Bankrobber

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The Bankrobber Route

Find the stolen money!

During this adventure-driven outdoor teambuilding activity you are going to unravel the mystery of the biggest bank robbery in the history of Barcelona. The story of this route is fictional.

A week ago the bank of Spain was robbed and the special police force Bonanova arrested the suspects. The amount of money that was stolen was a lot and the police has not been able to find it yet. They are running out of time and need to find the money as soon as possible! You and your team have 2,5 hours to find the stolen money otherwise the police has to let the suspects go.


Teambuilding activity


Your team will get to disconnect from their day to day work and connect with each other. The group will be divided into smaller teams that will compete against each other.

During this exciting race through the city you and your colleagues have to work together and use different types of skills. Are you able to complete the mathematical problems, find secret codes, open locks, decode a message and solve several cryptic riddles in order to find the secret location?


Treasure hunt


The Treasure Hunt is full of high quality puzzles and each challenge in the hunt is designed to trigger your curiosity and creativity. To really disconnect, the treasure hunt is designed to be played 100% offline. Instead of using a phone or tablet you and your team will use high-quality, wooden puzzles and an old school map and compass to find your way.

A trail of clues will lead your team through the medieval streets of Barcelona’s city center. At every location in the game, the guide will hand over the next challenge. Each challenge is different and invites the teams to use various skills. Think of logical reasoning, spatial insight and working together. The challenges are quiet difficult what requires all players to participate in order to complete them. But don’t worry, at every stop of the game the guide is there to guide the teams if they need some help.

Even though this is the perfect teambuilding activity, the main goal is to have fun together with you co-workers and to discover Barcelona in a new way!


The Bankrobber route is great for bigger groups! It can accomodate up to 120 people at the same time and takes 2,5 hours. You can decide how many teams and how many players per team.

The Price

The minimum number of teams is 4 and you can go up to 12 teams.

We have several options, play with;

  • 10 players per team, €32,50 pp.
  • 9 players per team, €34,50 pp.
  • 8 players per team, €36,50 pp.
  • 7 players per team, €38,50 pp.
  • 6 players per team, €40,50 pp.
  • 5 players per team, €42,50 pp.
  • 4 players per team, €42,50 pp.

You can play with 4 up to 12 teams at the same time. The minimum team size is 4 and the maximum is 10 people per team. This makes the maximum capacity of the Bankrobber 120 people.

For example, you are a group of 55 people, you have the option of playing with 6 teams of with an avarge of 9 people per team. Or you can decide to play with 12 teams of each 5 players. The advantage of playing with smaller teams is that everybody is engaged in the game. Each team will have their own set of materials and team color.

The meeting point for the Bankrobber route is Plaza Catalunya. When your booking is confirmed we will send you the exact location by e-mail.  The Treasure Hunt will end on a secret location somewhere in the neighborhood el Gotico.

Do you prefer a different start or end location? This is of course possible! We can customize the Treasure Hunt to your wishes. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We are open all year round and available 7 days a week from 10:30 to 20:00. If you have a group that wants to start later or earlier, please contact us via email or phone.

The Bankrobber route is a treasure hunt. Step by step you and your colleagues are going to find their route through the city. For that reason, we can’t spoil the exact route. We can tell you that during the hunt your group is going to enjoy a combination of Barcelona’s amazing highlights and beautiful hidden-gems of the Gothic quarter.

Rooming the streets

Streets of Barcelona, Gotic quarter

Walking through the labyrinth of streets in Barcelona’s oldest neighborhoods el Gotico instantly transports you back to the Middle Ages. In that time Barcelona was still a small town surrounded by city walls. Pass by the roman remains of the first city wall and discover beautiful churches, narrow alleys and authentic squares.

Plaza Reial

Plaza Reial Barcelona

Plaza Reial, the royal square, is one of these places you shouldn’t miss while in Barcelona. On this beautiful square, located next to Las Ramblas, you find plenty of restaurants, bars and places to dance. On Plaza Reial you can find Gaudi’s first work for the city of Barcelona. Don’t miss out on the beautiful lanterns on each side of the fountain.

Cathedral of Barcelona

Cathedral de Barcelona

The Cathedral of Barcelona, or full name Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia was constructed between the 13thand 15thcenturies. This cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia, co-patron saint of Barcelona. She was a 13-years-old girl who suffered martyrdom during Roman times in order to defend the Catholic religion. Take a look at the detailed façade of this beautiful church and enjoy the music of the street musicians which are playing in front of the Cathedral.


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