Top 9 favourite places in Barcelona


Weekend planned in Barcelona and want to find out the local spots in the city? Besides our unique treasure hunt experience, we also know a lot of amazing local spots in the city. Hidden gems and local spots to eat and enjoy the Barcelona lifestyle. Curious about the top 9 favorite spots of our guides? Check out the tips and go explore! 


TIP 1 – Turó Park 

‘Just off the beaten path, away from the crowds, you can discover a whole other side of Barcelona. After having visited all the tourist sites dozens of times, I was in need of something else but where to start? So I checked with the locals. They know better than anyone else, where to find the real Barcelona. If you are not a first-time visitor to Barcelona, you know that there are enough parks around. But have you been to the Turó Park? This hidden gem is a best-kept secret of the city. This park brings peace and tranquillity to everyone, even to me. When you enter the park through the gigantic gate, walk through to the center to the heart of this park: Pinhan-El Jardi Secret. The name may already reveal it, but this hidden and romantic bistro brings together nature, happiness, food, and love. From healthy snacks with hummus to a delicious cheese platter. Enjoy the singing birds with a drink in your hand sitting outside on the terras 16.00. If you like picnics, make sure to arrive before 13.00 and ask for their special ‘Pinhan desayuno’. Let yourself be surprised and admire the Turó Park. ’

– Sherine




Tip 2 – La Xampanyeria

‘This place is perhaps not so secret anymore, but certainly worth mentioning. A place where it is not about the good music, the comfortable seats or the luxury service. This place is where you can get the best cava in town. Lots of places in Barcelona claim to have the best cava but if you want to experience the one then go to La Xampanyeria. The guys who manage this bar brew their own cava which they then sell again by glass or bottle. For a nice price of € 1.60 you have your own glass of freshly brewed cava in your hands. Do not forget to order the typical tapas, such as the fuet or manchego. Buen provecho!’

– Sherine

top 9 places barcelona

Tip 3 – A tu Bola

‘Getting tired of the standard tapas and want to try something new? Then go to my favorite place on the Rambla de Raval, called A tu Bola. The name may already reveal it, but here they serve everything in/as balls. From meatballs to falafel balls to the chicken balls. Raval is generally a neighborhood where many hidden spots can be found, but this is surely my number one. Fresh, something new and very healthy! My favorite is to order the tapa, pita bread with either Boniato or the Quiona ball. One to lick your fingers 😉 ‘

– Anna


Tip 4 – Sant Just church

‘In this case, it is not about the church itself, but about the magical view from the roof of the church. Do not ask me how I got here, but I’m glad I know. My favorite spot is located on top of the church of Sant Just in the Gotic. Few people know about this and that makes it so special and especially nice and quiet;). For as much as € 2, – you can go all the way up. Go on time because the church is not always open.’

– Anna



Tip 5 – La Caseta de Migdia

‘Nature and Barcelona, two concepts that go well together. When you are in the city and look around you, you understand what I mean. The Montjuic mountain is certainly the most popular in the city. Not only the Olympic venues can be found here, but also beautiful relaxing open-air restaurants such as La Caseta de Migdia. For the view alone, you should pay a visit to this hidden place. Their standard dish is a plato with bread, a sausage, a chicken leg, and a green salad. It sounds very simple, but sometimes simple is the best ingredient. ‘

– Pieter


Tip 6 – Torre de Collserola 

‘Because Barcelona had been given the honor to organize the 1992 Olympics, many things were left behind of this big event. Like, the Torre de Collserola, the antenna. This gigantic antenna can be seen everywhere in the city. When you stand next to it and it disappears into the clouds, you get a magical feeling. Not only the antenna itself, but also the environment provides an enormous rest, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city and coming all the way to yourself during a walk. Highly recommended for those who love the nature. ‘

– Pieter





Tip 7 -Carabela Café      

‘You can have good food in Barcelona in many places, but you also want a nice and cozy terrace and an affordable menu. This combined with a hunger for Mexican food will bring you the Carabela Café. Not only the nachos but also the tacos and burritos are excellent. As the cafe is situated in one of the most touristic areas of Barcelona, the spot itself is not very hidden, but I still want to introduce you to this nice place. If you have found your spot on the terrace, take a look at the extensive cocktail menu and enjoy the cozy music in the background.’

– Laurha

Tip 8 – La Cala Barceloneta

‘When I discovered this place I was so happy, a place without tourists (okay little), but still in the heart of Barceloneta. Something that in my eyes could not really be true, but it turned out to be true. La Cala Barceloneta is run by a Catalan family and the coffees and sandwiches are made with love. The place itself is not very big and that makes it oh so nice. The terrace is amazing for the sunny months in Barcelona.’

– Laurha


Tip 9 – Carretera de les Aigües

‘Very well known amongst the locals but a very well kept secret for the tourists. Carretera de les Aigües lies against the mountains surrounding Barcelona. It is a 10km long path that used to be a pipeline, therefore it is completely flat. Locals come here to run, walk and enjoy the sun. Especially in the mornings, it gets busy but in the afternoon if you go around lunchtime, then you have the path all to yourself. To get here, take the train from Plaza Catalunya towards Terrasa or Sabadell (S1 or S2). Here you can go up with your T10 ticket and get off at Peu de Funicular, change to the Funicular, a small train that brings you from Vallvidrera Inferior to Vallvidrera Superior. From here you can easily find the path. Enjoy the great views of the city while you’re in the middle of the mountains. “

– Pim


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