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The Marine Route

Find the letter Ber wrote

The Marine route tells the story of Ber Seegers. One of the marines that defended Rotterdam in world war II when the German troops took over the city and destroyed most of it. Ber was a young and inexperienced marine and in contrary to most of the others, he was not taken by surprise when the German troops invaded.

In 1940, Ber joined the Marines and was stationed in at Oostplein in Rotterdam. At this time, the Netherlands had taken a neutral stand in the war and the general belief was that Hitler would not invade their country. Ber had different ideas, he was under the impression they would but nobody would listen to him. One night, he left the bar early as he was not feeling the party mood, he walked home to the base and on his way he bumped into a girl. After apologising to her for the incident, he asked if he could walk her home. Her name was Miep and they fell in love.

Their love story was short as the Germans invaded the city not long after. So Ber wrote a letter to Miep, your task is to find it and make sure to post it. Rotterdam is the perfect city for this treasure hunt and the story of Ber and Miep. You will find out more about the bombing of the city and the personal story of Ber Seegers.

In Rotterdam, we have two types of Xpeditions, the Private and the Versus. We work with exclusive groups so you will have your private guide and you can enjoy the Xpedition with your own group.

Private Xpedition

If your group wants to enjoy the city this is the perfect option for you. You will have your private guide who will be there to explain the story and hand of the materials. Along the way, the guide is there to hand over the envelopes with the challenges and clues. And if you need help, the guide is there too. Each challenge is carefully designed for the location that you are in at that moment and we work with only the best puzzles available.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Teambuilding Xventura Rotterdam

Versus Xpedition

In this Xpedition, your group will be split into smaller teams. The goal is to race against the other team, the team that finds the secret location of the painting first wins the game! The guides are there every location in the game to hand out the clues and challenges. Each team will have its own set of puzzles and materials. All the teams have a different route but they have the same length. For the winner, we have a small price at the end. This Xpedition is great if your group is in for a challenge and likes a bit of competition.

Duration: 2 hours

Teambuilding Xventura Rotterdam

We have a minimum group size of 4 people and we have a maximum capacity of 30 on the Marine route.

The Private Xpedition

Your group will explore the city with their personal guide. A trail of clues will lead them to the secret location somewhere in the city. The guide is there every location in the game to hand out the clues and help if needed.

  • Duration
    The Xpedition takes maximum 2,5 hours.
  • Group size
    From 4 up to 30 people divided into teams of maximum 10 people.
  • Price
    The price is €25,- per person.
The Versus Xpedition

In the Versus we have several options depending on the team size and number of participants. The smaller the group, the more engaged people are. The ideal group size for the Versus Xpedition would be 5/6 people per team.

  • Duration
    The Xpedition takes maximum 2 hours
  • Group size
    From 10 up to 60 people divided into smaller teams
  • Price
    Starting from €25,00 * per person.

*We have several options, play with;

  • Teams of 8 to 10 people per guide, €25,00- pp.
  • Teams of 6 to 8 people per guide, €27,50 pp.
  • Teams of 4 to 6 people per guide, €30,00 pp.

The minimum group size for a Versus Xpedition is 10 people. You can form teams of 4 up to 10 people per team.

For example, you are a group of 18 people and you want to play with 6 people per team, you pay €30,00 pp. If you want to play with 9 people per team, you pay €25,00 pp. The advantage of playing with smaller teams is that everybody is engaged in the game. Each team will have their private guide and set of materials.

Our meetingpoint is next to the entrance of the Willem Burger Hall, de Doelen. Very close to the central station of Rotterdam.


This is the exact address:

Kruisplein 40, 3012 CC Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


We are open all year round and available 7 days a week from 10:30 to 19:30. If you have a group that wants to start later or earlier, please contact us via email or phone.

Ontmoetingspunt van Xventura Rotterdam

As our Xpedition is a treasure hunt, we cannot spoil the exact route but we can tell you that in the Marine route we have some amazing highlights for you to visit. From the big highlight of the city to the less well-known places.

The Markthall

Uitzicht over de Markthal Rotterdam

This highlight is one for the books, not only it the outside impressive but inside you can find the finest produce and fresh products. On the inside of the ceiling, you can see the beautiful artwork of Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. This artwork is the biggest in the world and is called the Horn of Plenty.

The old harbour

Oude haven Xventura Rotterdam Teambuilding

Rotterdam is a harbour city and is known for it all over the world. The old harbour is one of the oldest harbours in the city. Here you can see the old ships that are docked surrounded with bars and restaurant. This is the place to be in the summertime!

The White House, Rotterdam

the white house Rotterdam, speurtochten rotterdam

Once this was the highest skyscraper in Europe, nowadays, it is the smallest in Rotterdam. Built on the soft grounds right next to the Maas river, they needed to make sure to have a solid foundation. This paid off because it is one of the oldest building in Rotterdam and survived the bombing of world war II.


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