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For groups bigger than 40 people, we can offer a custom program, a truly unique treasure hunt experience! We love designing game plans and discovering new places. And a custom-made program gives us the opportunity to design unforgettable teambuilding for your group with the starting point of your choosing. You can decide on the duration of the game, the number of people you want to have in the teams and we can also incorporate a theme or key values if you want.

We work with an amazing team of international guides who speak multiple languages and have experience in guiding big groups. Our puzzles are all custom made and are of high quality. We design our own challenges and take inspiration from the best game masters and puzzle makers.

All our treasure hunts evolve around teamwork and collaboration within the teams. With a little bit of competition, we bring the game to live and have an extra incentive for the participants. Our clients would describe us as a lot of fun, professional and challenging! Curious about what we could organise for your group? Send us an email or gives us a call!

Our portfolio

Here some of the custom programs we designed

The Hidden Treasure

Fares, Barcelona

The treasure hunt we designed in Fares was amazing. With this location, we led our imagination runs wild. The group was amazing, super enthusiastic and eager to win!

The Missing UEFA CUP

FC Barcelona Camp Nou, Barcelona

One day we got the call, FC Barcelona wants to organise a treasure hunt inside the museum in the Camp Nou stadium. After months of research, we designed the game of the missing UEFA Cup. Do you think you can find it?

Find the King

Montjuic, Barcelona

Find the King was an amazing and very complicated treasure hunt! The group started from their office downtown Poble Nou and had to make their way up the Montjuic in July. Hands down one of the most fun treasure hunts we did! The group was so fast that we needed to run to keep up with them.

Ninja Night Hunt

City center, Barcelona

Together with Rockstarlifestyle we organized this unique treasure hunt. As a group of real Ninja’s they ran through the city solving the puzzles and trying to find the secret location first. Guess which team won?!

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