Unique city game

BOOK €35,- PP.
  • Certificate of Excellence!
  • Most populair route
  • Small groups, outdoor

The Architect Game

Find the lost map!
A unique city game through the streets of Rotterdam. A 100% offline treasure hunt, full of puzzles and riddles for you to solve! Do you accept the challenge?

The Architect

Find the lost map!
A unique treasure hunt through the streets of Rotterdam. A 100% offline game, full of puzzles and riddles for you to solve! Do you accept the challenge?

The Architect game is a unique treasure hunt about W.G. Witteveen. One of Rotterdam most important but yet unknow architects. He was responsable for the reconstruction of the city after the bombartment of the Germans in 1940. Discover more why W.G. Witteveen left his beloved city and never came back.


This new route is an amazing journey through time, from the old to the new and modern with The Architect route. At the start location, we will hand over the materials. After the explanation of the game, you are ready to hunt the first location in the game. At each location, the guide will hand over the next challenge. Only when you complete it, you can move to the next location.

  • Amazing route through Rotterdam
  • Private game masters/groups
  • Start with 6 up to 30 people.

The price is €35,- per person. The minimum groupsize is 6 and maximum is 10 per team. The maximum capacity of The Architect is 30 people.


Next to the entrance of the Willem Burger Hall. The exact address is: Kruisplein 40, 3012 CC Rotterdam. There is a supermarket around the corner for some water.


The treasure hunt takes maximum 2,5 hours and can be booked 7 days a week. We are open from 10:00 until 22:00. If you want to start at a different time, please send us an email with your details.

Erasmus bridge
Rotterdam most iconic highlight, the Erasmus Bridge. Also referred to as the Swan due to its shape. The bridge connects the South, to the North and is one of the important bridges for the city.
World museum
This amazing building houses the World museum. The museum was founded in 1883 and shows more than 1800 ethnographic objects from various cultures in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Americas and the Islamic heritage
Central station
This station is a major transport hub in the city; trains, busses, trams and the metro stops here to pick up or drop off the 110.000 passengers a day. The new station is brighter and bigger than the old one and a real highlight of the city!


You can make a booking online or send us an email.