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A New Adventure

Xventura was created out of passion!

Beginning of Xventura

“Do you remember how it feels to be carefree, play outdoors and share new experiences? That moment when you’re doing something really awesome and you forget everything around you? That feeling, discovering new things and exploring a city, that’s the feeling which Xventura wants to give you.

We made a huge change in our lives, we both quit our jobs in the Netherlands and went traveling together. With a suitcase full of kite surfing gear we took off to the other side of the world. New cultures, new places and making new memories.

Eventually we landed in Barcelona and we want to take you along with us in this city that is so very dear to us. With an activity where you just forget everything around you and can focus on the Xpedition. You too can have the opportunity to do new things, explore new places and make new memories! “