About Xventura

About us

We are Xventura!

About us

We are Xventura!

Xventura is born out of a passion for the outdoors, adventure and new experiences. We want people to disconnect for a little while and experience the beautiful city around them instead of looking at their phones. This is why we have developed a unique treasure hunt that will challenge you and will take you out of your comfort zone. Working together and using all the talent in the group will make this an unforgettable adventure.

With high-quality materials and great guides, we like to take people on an adventure. We offer two different routes in two different forms. The group can stay together or can be split up into smaller groups so they can and battle each other. We can combine the activity with lunch, drinks and/or tapas. There is also a possibility for groups to customize the Xpedition to make it more suitable for their needs. We can change some of the puzzles, the duration of the game or clues to customize it.

We are a young and ambitious company that puts the happiness and needs of our clients first. With years of experience in outdoor activities and teambuilding, we offer our clients a personal touch and professional program. Most of our clients are companies, school groups, sports teams or friend groups. It doesn’t matter how big your group is, we will work to suit your needs.

Our team

We are always looking for amazing guides who are passioned about being outdoors, new experiences and puzzles. Are you social, spontaneous and enthusiastic? Then send us an email and maybe you will be a guide at Xventura in Rotterdam or in Barcelona! If you are looking for an internship in a international and driven company, contact us!

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“Going on an adventure, challenging yourself while enjoying the outdoors and having fun”
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“Disconnect from the head and playing carefree as a kid. There is nothing more beautiful than that!”


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'p.s. don’t forget to have a good time!'
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