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Two different stories!
What Is An Xpedition?

Our Routes

All our Xpeditions have a story and an objective. We have developed two stories based on real history and real people. Both stories have their own route and they differ from each other. The start and finish are in the same place, but both have different highlights, puzzles, riddles and clues!

The Artist

The Artist who fell in love

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The route of The Artist is based on the story of a famous painter living in Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. He founded a bar with four friends and this became a hub for painters, performers and artists. After a couple years the bar fell into despair, but The Artist had a painting hanging on the wall of the bar that he took out of the bar before it closed its doors. He hid this beloved painting somewhere in the city and your goal is to find the secret location!

  • Parc de la Ciutadella

  • Arc de Triomf

  • Santa Maria del Mar

The Explorer

The Explorer who pioneered

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The route of The Explorer is based on the story of a world famous explorer at the end of the 15th century. He made several voyages, which he all documented in a travel logbook. At the end of each voyage he handed over this travel logbook to Queen Isabel, except the travel logbook of the first voyage. He kept this one a secret and he hid it in a secret location. Your goal is to find this hidden travel logbook by following the clues!

  • Las Ramblas

  • Plaza Reial

  • Santa Maria del Pi

This is an Xpedition!

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