Unique Treasure Hunt Barcelona
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Unique Treasure Hunt

A new way to discover Barcelona!
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“We did it as a team building activity at my company and it was fun, entertaining and educational. The company makes the puzzles themselves and they were incredibly original. Loved it!”
“It was a great experience and we got to know the city from another very interesting point of view. The materials that have been used for the tour were very cool and the whole tour was planned perfectly. Our guide was very nice and competent. I would recommend this tour to everyone that visits Barcelona!”

“If you want to explore the city in a totally new, exciting and educating way? The couple behind the extraordinary city tour are super nice, perfectly organized and give you a city adventure with lots of love for details. The accessories for the tour are of the highest standard and make the tour even more authentic! You’ll love it!”

Inspired by Escape Rooms

Two young and driven entrepeneurs founded Xventura with the goal to offer you a new way to discover Barcelona. Our Xpeditions are a combination of a walking tour and a treasure hunt inspired by Escape Rooms! Xventura developed this unique outdoor activity, so you can discover the beautiful city of Barcelona in a new and original way!

2 – 60 people

From € 20 p.p.

2 – 3 hours

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We have two routes, both with different storylines. The puzzles and clues are based on the specific story. Choose your favourite route!

The Artist

The artist who fell in love

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The Explorer

The explorer who pioneered

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