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Anti Spam Policy

Xventura sends free tips, tricks and techniques via email after a subscriber has left his email address. In addition, Xventura will offer its own products via email and via the site Xventura gives the regulations, surrounding electronic mailings and the Privacy legislation, a high priority. So we try at all times to prevent spam.

Under Spam is defined to sent a large amount of emails to recipients who do not explicitly asked for this. All emails in this volume come in content broadly in line with each other and often contain advertisements for products, political thinking and/or propaganda. Also frequently sending the same email to a recipient who has not explicitly requested for this is a part of spamming. This applies to consumers and businesses.

Xventura will never use it for other purposes or sell the information. Each tenderer may unsubscribe always free and easy by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.